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Bathroom floor repair and rebuild

In this project, I’ve already removed the rotten floor and underlayment (which was thin plywood) that was also rotten from years of being water-logged (bathroom floor damaged by water leaking from the toilet ring seal). The water damage is a result of two separate leaks in the same general area of each other. Much of the damage has come from the adjacent kitchen area, the dishwasher seems to be the newest culprit as it was leaking from a clogged hose on the side near the inlet. The house is also shifting significantly, enough so that the exterior wall is buckling outward, affecting the floor joists, thus the floor. It’s no wonder the toilet was sinking and leaking into the basement / crawl space below. Moral of the story, when you have everything opened up, do some simple testing to see what else might be awry.

YouTube - Link to Batrhoom Floor rebuild

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